DAOS – Where do these files come from?

Here is another issue I encountered on my travel to the DAOS universe.

My mailfile is based on mail85.ntf. There are no documents in the database. The DAOS Dir does not contain any NLO files.


No surprise is that. Then I changed the template on the database to ONTF_dwa702. After the design has changed, I found 2 NLO files in the DAOS repository!!


Again I changed the template and used a DWA 7.0.3 template. Now I saw this in the DAOS repository.


Does somebody has any explaination ??

DAOS – Encrypted mail

Yesterday I wrote about how to waste space using the wrong compression settings. I a comment, Mohamed asked about encrypted mail.

I tested this in my demo environment. The result is a bit scary …

I have two users, ALPHA and BETA. ALPHA sends a mail to BETA with an attachment. The mail is encrypted when sent. BETA uses the same bitlike attachment and sends an encrypted mail to ALPHA.

Here is the result


One NLO for the mail stored in the sent view and one NLO for the file in the receiver’s inbox

Can this be correct or did I something wrong??

UPDATE: Encryption and the number of NLO’s ( Gary Rheaume )