DAOS: Problem with SoftDeletion

One of our servers had the following error message in log.nsf

“The database F:\data\mail\xxxxxxxxx.nsf has the incorrect DAOS object count, you should run fixup on this database. Using this database in this condition will cause the DAOS catalog to go into the ‘Needs Resync’ state.”

The database already had DAOS enabled but the logical and physical filesize were almost the same. So I ran a load compact -c on the server console and the message immediately appeard on the console and in the log.

A fixup did not change anything. After some investigation I found that soft deletion was the cause for this issue.

I unchecked the option in the database properties and ran fixup again.

“Informational, rebuild view needed – collection object was deleted (reading F:\data\mail\xxxxxxxx.nsf view note Title:'($SoftDeletions)|($SoftDeletion’)”

After the fixup had finished, I enabled the option again. Another compact -c now transferred all attachments to the DAOS repository without errors.