IdeaJam: Make NotesPeek OpenSource

NotesPeek seems no longer be maintained. It is still available as version 1.53. This version supports LND 6, but also works in version 7, 8, and 8.5x. The tool is invaluable if you want to do look into each and every corner of a Notes document or da data structure.
Pls. support my idea of making this tool Open Source:

2 thoughts on “IdeaJam: Make NotesPeek OpenSource

  1. Hm, why not using the Ytria ScanEZ? The free version could do much more then ScanEZ…

    As long as there is such a alternative which is much bettern then ScanEZ I think there is no real need to pull out a pice of software which should rest in peace :-).

  2. Frank: I use ScanEZ as well. And I had a conversation with the developers regarding the functionality to show the values from a CD record in readable style and not only as hex values. They have it on the ToDo list, but it is not prio 1.
    This is the point where NotesPeek enters the stage. Here you can display the values in a human readable style.
    An why “R.I.P” ? NotesPeek is still a valuable piece of software and it does not deserve this silent death.

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