Entwicklercamp 2010 – Day 3

As usual, the conference started at 8:30 with SpeedAgendaing and a short briefing.

I had to go and setup my environment for my presentation about “C/C++ API for Beginners” before all the speakers had shown their slides to give the audience an impression, what the session is about.

My session went well and I finished talking one minute before time. I got good response from the audience. I must admit that I totally forgot to do the demoes on the Linux client to show that the code would not only work on Windooze. Sorry for that …

After my session I attended Tim Pistor‘s presentation about Webservices. It was Tim’s first appearence as a speaker. He was a bit nervous and went thru the slides and demo code like a whirlwind.

Do you know that you even can brew coffee with Notes??  Tim and his “assistant” Werner Motzet had pimped a “Senseo” to show how you can get a cup of coffee or two using Lotus Notes and webservices. Great job, guys.

After lunch, Niklas Heidloff was on stage for the CGS. He demonstrated 20 projects, widgets and gadgets from OpenNTF in 60 minutes. Did you already watch the video he has taken during the conference asking for a statement about OpenNTF?

It was a great conference and crowded like never before. The team around Rudi again did a professional job running the conference. And so did the hotel staff.

Julian Buss wrapped up his impressions here ( in german ).

One thought on “Entwicklercamp 2010 – Day 3

  1. let me ad one very very good Presentation:

    “Caching unter Notes” – Bert Häßler

    He shows many interresting things about caching an profiledocuments and ways to do all this better in different ways in relation to number of doks etc.
    But at the end he shows a very interresting thing about the agentmanager and the way the agentmanager “unloades” used scriptlibs.
    So he found a way to change the ACL of a mailbox with an agent that has no accessright to the malbox. (And the highligt was to see in the protocol of the ACL-Changes the Owner of the box as “Author” of the changes)
    Very good job Bert Haessler http://www.nappz.de/xfl/

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