DAOS: Get FileCount and RepositorySize on Linux

Migrated a Windooze server to Linux today. The files on the server are DAOS enabled and I wanted to get the number of files in the DAOS repository and the overall filesize.

Here is a small shell script that does the job

fCount=`find $REPOSITORY -type f | wc -l`
fSize=`du -ksb $REPOSITORY`
fDate=$(date +”%d-%m-%Y”)
echo $fDate / $fCount / ${array[0]}>> $OUTFILE

On a daily basis, triggered by cron, it appends a new line like this one to the file defined in the OUTFILE variable

12-03-2010 / 26235 / 18743907789

You can now use the file to create charts with Dojo for example. Maybe there is a better way to accomplish the aim, but this works for me and perhaps it is useful for someone else.