BLUG meeting and a DAOS problem

Yesterday another meeting of the Belgium BELUX Lotus User Group (BLUG) took place in the IBM Forum in Brussels. It wasn’t a full day event, but I decided to drive the 220 km to the meeting.

There were two one hour sessions on the agenda. Joel Demay presented the new features that are coming with Lotus Notes and Domino 8.5.2 and Roland Driesen talked about document management.

Again, the meeting was well organized with welcome coffee and a free bar. Theo had about 70 registrations. I’m not sure if all of them attended. But it is very impressive to see that so many people are interested in getting together for such a short meeting.

I was introduced to one customer as “the DAOS specialist”, which I’m not … He told me about an issue he had when activating DAOS on Domino for AIX.

When you enable DAOS by typing load convert -c -daos on mail\db.nsf for the very first time, no subdirectories are created in the DAOS repository and as a result, no files are transported to the repository. You have to manually create a subdir in the DAOS repository ( 0001 ) first.

After this, DAOS works as expected and new subdirs are created automatically.

One thought on “BLUG meeting and a DAOS problem

  1. Ulrich, always a pleasure to see you again.
    You might not be the DAOS specialist, but you usually know the answers 🙂

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