Modify Header / Footer items via Lotusscript ( and API )

Header / Footer items are of type Richtext and you cannot modify them directly using standard LotusScript.

I’ ve put together all the necessary code and wrapped the API calls into a class to achive the goal. The class works on Windows and Linux. Mac support is possible but I have no Mac to test with.

In addition the application contains code to get the size ( and other properties ) of embedded images in a richtext item. Another code snippet provides functionality to test if a richtext item is empty.

The code is an example to show how to access Notes RichText items on the CD Record level using LS2CAPI techniques.

The application is used as a sample database for EntwicklerCamp 2010, 10-Mar-2010, Gelsenkirchen, Germany.

OpenNTF: Download sample application

A word of warning: If you really not understand how the code works, DO NOT USE IT !!