I’m a beginner with XPages. Where do I get information?

Assume you are a Notes developer starting with XPages development. You are looking for information how to start and do not know exactly where to look into.

Here is a small list of resources that you can use as a starting point.

General information can be found here.

XPages101 is a website run by Matt White. The site has more than 3GB of video tutorials in 50 lessons.The tutorials are frequently updated with new topics. You have to subscribe to get access to the tutorial. XPages101 also offer classroom courses.

NotesIn9 and XPagesTV by David Leedy also has a lot of high class video files that show everything from using CSS frameworks to repeated repeats. David Leedy also released the XPages Cheat Sheet which can be found on xpagescheatsheet dot com.

Tim Clark, Paul Withers and David Leedy are the hosts of the X Cast, a podcast about all things XPages.

Ask your XPages related questions and/ or share your knowledge in the new XPages forum.

If you are from Germany, head over to the German Notes Forum; we also have a subforum for XPages development.

Code snippets and ready to use applications are available for download on OpenNTF.org. Download the extension library and add more than 90 new controls to the set of controls that are delivered with the core product. It’s FREE!!

A must have for every developer is “Mastering XPages – A Step-By-Step Guide to XPages Development” released by IBM Press earlier this year. The book is written by the makers of the XPages development language. Buy a printed copy or at least an electronic copy of the book. It’s worth every cent!!

I also recommend listening to the  “This week in Lotus” podcast, the weekly roundtable of all things Social, Collaboration, Technology and Community…

Last but not least, LUGs. Attend ILUG, UKLUG, IamLUG, BLUG or the EntwicklerCamp in Germany and meet some of the best speakers from all around the world. The LUGs are free and there is probably a LUG near your home.  There is even a LUG in Australia.

I know that this list is not complete. There are even more treasures hidden in numerous blog entries. So I recommend adding planetlotus.org to your bookmarks.

Do you have an iPhone? I’ve just found in an article on the XPages Blog that Scoped Solutions Limited has released an app that gives you access to XPages tipps and tricks. The app also allows you to submit your own tip as well.




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  1. There is also a Skype chat where all things XPages is being discussed. The last time I saw the chat it was called “The XPages Chat – “.

    Not sure who the right contact would be to get invited into the chat.

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