Extension Library 8.5.3 – undocumented @functions

November 22, 2011 – 9:32 am

Just a quick post before I leave the office for the 46. DanNotes conference.

Looked into source code of the OpenNTF Extension Library and found 2 undocumented functions in the Javascript Extension. (@NormalizeSubject and @ViewIconUrl).

@NormalizeSubject trims a subject to the specified maxlength if it exceeds it and adds 3 dots at the end of the normalized string. So an @NormalizeSubject(‘Hello World’, 9) becomes Hello Wor… .

@ViewIconUrl returns the full path to an icon ressource. For example @ViewIconUrl(81) returns /.ibmxspres/domino/icons/vwicn081.gif

You can find more functions @IsAbsoluteUrl, @InfoMessage, @WarningMessage in the NotesFunctionsEx.java file

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  2. These two functions is really something what needed.
    Thanks for sharing.


    By Fredrik on Nov 22, 2011

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