Latest Windows 10 update completely wrecked my dev environment

I am doing dev with Visual Studio and other tools and programs on a Windows 10 VM. Today, I decided to check for updates and install them, because I had not done any update for the past 2 month.

In general, these updates do not d any harm to the installed system, but today was different. The update took very long, and it looked like just the same when upgrading from Windows 8.1 to Windows 10. A couple of restarts, hints that all my data is still there, where I put it, and other nice hints that nothing special will happen.

Half an hour later, the system showed the logon screen. After login, The desktop was empty and an error message appeared, telling me, that The system can no longer access my shared MacBook drive. Network settings were completely overwritten, all system environment variables gone. Visual Studio had no longer any clue, where to find my libraries …

So I had to go back to the last working Windows version. To my very surprise, this worked. And, it was quick. It took only 5 minutes to restore the prior version.


All my tools and drives are back.