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I would like to share my experience with the latest support request that I opened with IBM. The problem is only a small one, and you can work around it easily, but I thought that I should report it.

Not long after I tweeted about the issue, I was just testing on another machine to find out, if the problem is reproducible when I got a reply asking about the exact version of IBM Traveler that I upgraded from.

I replied. Did not know, who was asking. Thought, it was just another Traveler admin. Shortly after, I found out that the issue is not bound to any specific version of Traveler.

A day later, there was another reply to my tweet. I have copied the tweets from my timeline. See yourself.

Isn’t that great? Not only, the problem was reproducible by someone other than me. But also the fact that someone cares about a problem that had not yet officially been reported to IBM.

I found out later that the person replying to my tweets is working for IBM / HCL.

Yesterday, I created a support request. Today, I got a mail from support.

This is one of the best experiences that I ever had with support in all the years. Perhaps, HCL brings a new level of awareness to the whole support process. Maybe, they are looking for potential problems more proactive using modern communication channels.

For me as a customer, it is a good feeling to see that someone is listening ( and cares ).

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  1. lucky guy. IBM is playing “keep the customer busy” since December 2017 without any substantial progress with us.

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