[V10] – nserver -c command not working properly when used with te amgr run

Andy Brunner informed me a couple of days ago that using the “te amgr run” in a server program document command does no longer work after upgrading the server to Domino V10.

You will get an error message on the console similar to this one

Tell AMGr Run ‘LE4D.nsf’ ‘letsencrypt’
15.10.2018 07:24:11 AMgr: Start executing agent ‘ ‘ in ‘LE4D.nsf’
15.10.2018 07:24:11 AMgr: Error attempting to load agent ‘ ‘ in ‘LE4D.nsf’: Entry not found in index

I have created a case with IBM support. The case number is TS001489373 and the issue is tracked unter SPR# GFALB5NKTV.

The case has already been escalated to development and they are investigating the issue and I’m awaiting their feedback.

In the meantime, you can use the following workaround ( Thanks to Andy Brunner )

Create a text file on the server. The file can contain one or more lines where the syntax is the same as when you start an agent from the Domino console.

Tell AMgr Run “LE4D.nsf” ‘letsencrypt’

Next change your program document to use the text file as input

7 thoughts on “[V10] – nserver -c command not working properly when used with te amgr run

  1. Hi Detlev,

    it works fine if the nsf-path does not contain a blank. Then you can simply ommit the quotes around the nsf path:
    server -c “tell amgr run admin/LE4D.nsf ‘letsencrypt'”
    Works fine here with Domino 10 on CentOS. Or is it a pure Windows issue?

  2. Er, having a space in the path and NOT using proper quotes has not worked for me since forever.

    The documentation specifies double quotes around the database path and single quotes around the agent names.

    Doing that in a program document poses a problem, since you also use quotes around the specification after the -c parameter. I’ve not had the opprtunity to test it. I’ll try that tonight.

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