Technote: Limitations of NotesHTTPRequest and NotesJSONNavigator with future considerations

If you are already using the NotesHTTPRequest and / or NotesJSONNavigator classes in your code and you are experiencing one of the following issues, here is an important technote for you.

  • SPR# DCONB8VMAV – NotesJSONNavigator is unable to parse JSON content > 64k
  • SPR# ASHEB95LFR – Unable to parse JSON string: Missing a name for object member, offset 1
  • SPR# DCONB8F6JV – bad character conversion happening in NotesHTTPRequest response
  • SPR# ASHEB95LFR – NotesJSONNavigator unable to navigate a string which contains new lines and carriage returns
  • SPR# DCONBB2KNR – NotesJSONNavigator experiencing severe issues when parsing packages with empty string values
  • SPR# JCORBB2KWU – Unable to Post > 64K String in NotesHTTPRequest
  • SPR# DCONBB44T4 – Creating a NotesJSONNavigator from nulled response causes crash

One thought on “Technote: Limitations of NotesHTTPRequest and NotesJSONNavigator with future considerations

  1. Hi Ulrich,

    Great news that HCL are fixing bugs like this so quickly.

    It seems that, sadly, there’s still a bug in the NotesJSONNavigator class – specifically with NotesJSONElement.

    I’ve updated my client to 10.0.1 FP2, and if I parse a >64kB JSON string, I am successful, however if any of the elements parsed are >64kB, then NotesJSONElement displays strange results.

    My test code is as follows:

    Sub Initialize
    Dim sess As New NotesSession
    Dim stream As NotesStream
    Dim nav As NotesJSONNavigator
    Dim el As NotesJSONElement
    Dim i%

    Set stream = sess.CreateStream

    Call stream.WriteText(|{“json_text”:”|)

    For i = 1 To 6553 ‘ 6553 x 10 bytes = 65530 bytes
    Call stream.WriteText(Format$(i, “000000000”) & ” “, EOL_NONE) ‘ 10 bytes per iteration

    Call stream.WriteText(|”}|)

    stream.Position = 0
    Set nav = sess.CreateJSONNavigator(stream.ReadText)
    Set el = nav.GetElementByName(“json_text”)

    MsgBox el.Name
    MsgBox Len(el.Value)
    End Sub

    With the code above, I receive the results from MsgBox: “json_text” and 65530, which is correct.

    However, if I increase the iterator “i” from 6553 to 6554, I would expect to see “json_text” and 65540, but instead I see the number 4. Changing the iterator from 6554 to 6555, I should see 65550, but instead I get 14.

    Looking in more detail, it appears that NotesJSONElement always returns the left side of the json_text, but the number of characters I receive is effectively ([Length of JSON string] modulo 65536). So there is no way to access strings >64kB.

    I’ve tried wrapping ‘el.Value’ with a ForAll, but it seems the Variant returned is not an array that can be traversed.

    Any ideas?

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