Technote: Limitations of NotesHTTPRequest and NotesJSONNavigator with future considerations

If you are already using the NotesHTTPRequest and / or NotesJSONNavigator classes in your code and you are experiencing one of the following issues, here is an important technote for you.

  • SPR# DCONB8VMAV – NotesJSONNavigator is unable to parse JSON content > 64k
  • SPR# ASHEB95LFR – Unable to parse JSON string: Missing a name for object member, offset 1
  • SPR# DCONB8F6JV – bad character conversion happening in NotesHTTPRequest response
  • SPR# ASHEB95LFR – NotesJSONNavigator unable to navigate a string which contains new lines and carriage returns
  • SPR# DCONBB2KNR – NotesJSONNavigator experiencing severe issues when parsing packages with empty string values
  • SPR# JCORBB2KWU – Unable to Post > 64K String in NotesHTTPRequest
  • SPR# DCONBB44T4 – Creating a NotesJSONNavigator from nulled response causes crash