Notes 11 – Splash Screen Redesign

With version 11 of HCL Notes & Domino we also got a new splash screen. To be honest, I think the new screen is butt ugly. The gradient isn’t a proper gradient, and the logos are low quality.

Here is a redesigned splash screen. I have used Krita do create the gradient. In fact there are two gradient on 2 layers. The rest is plain text and some transparent images.

To activate the screen, download the image from here and unzip the archive to a destination of your choice.

Next add the following lines to your client notes.ini file.


Now restart your client. You should now see the new design.

4 thoughts on “Notes 11 – Splash Screen Redesign

  1. Better looking graphic for sure. To make everything the same as the original, there’s a few things:
    There’s a “registered” symbol between “Notes” and “11” in the original, the symbol is a “copyright” symbol in yours.
    It’s “Eclipse Foundation, Inc.” in the original – you don’t have the comma in yours.
    The original says “The license agreement may be…” and yours says “must be…”
    The original says “located in a program directory” and yours says “located in the program directory”. (I think yours is more correct in this instance, but I think it should match the original).
    The original has a comma after “if applicable”

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