DAOS – JAR files in Java agents. (UPDATE)

Yesterday I wrote about a supposed problem with DAOS.

Daniel Nashed contacted me and explained that it is not a bug; DAOS works as designed.

DAOS makes no difference between data and design documents. Only the presence of an objects of type attachment is decisive whether the object is transferred to the DAOS repository if the configured threshold value is exceeded.

Imported archive files in agents are therefore not the only objects that are transferred to the DAOS repository if the requirements are met.

The same behavior applies to Java Script Libraries, Forms, Pages and About & Using documents. Only JAR design elements are not affected because the data is stored differently here.

The application continues to work without problems. Problems may arise if the NLO files are moved to a DAOS T2 storage. In any case, the behavior of DAOS in connection with design elements should be kept in mind.

One thought on “DAOS – JAR files in Java agents. (UPDATE)

  1. For DAOS T2 (new optional feature in Domino 11) this will also work. As long the design element will be used, the object is not pushed out to DAOS T2.
    But even if it is, the design element will continue to work. It might just be a bit slower.

    The code on the higher levels in Domino doesn’t know about DAOS.
    This is a low-level NSF feature, that only the NSF layer knows about.
    So all applications will work unchanged. The only difference might be in DAOS T2

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