Java agents with imported .jar files

Many of us Notes developers know the problem. You have developed a Java agent that contains methods from imported .jar files in addition to the actual code.
When the agent is executed on a HCL Domino server, it works for a while ( sometimes longer, sometimes shorter ), but then causes problems due to memory leaks.
The problem lies in the architecture of Domino. The imported .jar files are reloaded every time the agent is started and over time they use more and more RAM.

The workaround was to dump the .jar files to the server’s file system. This works, but always causes problems where you as a developer do not always have access to the server.
Or there is already a .jar in the file directory; but not in the required version. Copying your own .jar into the file system can then lead to undesirable side effects.

I had therefore created a case at HCL to get a fix for the problem. The problem was tracked under SPR # BHUY8PRMKK. Yesterday I received an update from support:

The Product Development Team had developed a possible fix that mitigates the issue but the fix was of medium risk and it was decided not to submit the fix. As an alternative they have come up with a workaround. Set the following notes.ini, this will cache the agentloader objects and reuse them.


I have set the parameter on my test system. At the moment it looks like it solves the problem. I will continue testing.

Many thanks to HCL Development & HCL Support ( especially to Abhaysingh Shirke ).