The bug will cause some Windows applications to behave as though it were one hour earlier than the correct time shown on the operating system’s clock. That could lead calendar entries to slip and Windows-based banking systems to record the wrong time for financial transactions.

Microsoft confirmed the bug, but said in most cases a repair would be no problem. “Ninety-nine percent of all packaged applications… can be fixed really simply by downloading a new version, or a patched version, of the DLL”.

Domino Directory – Column Icon

A user of the German Notes Forum atnotes.de recently posted a question about an icon that occurs in the Domino Directory. He could not work out, why this icon occurs.

Why the heck this icon occurs
I could reproduce this issue. My first idea was that it has something to do with roaming user support. But then there should be the globe icon if roaming user support is enabled …
I opened the DD ( version 7.0.3 ) in Domino Designer and found the following formula in the second column of the “People By Category” view.


Got it? Yes, all documents where the “RoamingUser” field is missing do have the icon left of the users name …
Bug or feature??

UPDATE: Read what IBM says . Great “solution”, isn’t it?

‘Merge Replication Conflicts’ does not work as expected in Notes 7.0.3 or 8.0

Although the Form property “Merge Replication Conflicts” is enabled, and the Form contains a $ConflictAction field, a replication conflict occurs when modifications are made to different fields in a database.

1. Create a Form that contains two fields.
2. Enable the Form property, “Merge Replication Conflicts”.
3. Create a document based on the new Form.
4. Create a replica of the database.
5. Modify one field in one replica and the other field in the other replica.
6. When replication occurs, no conflict is generated and the later modified document is what is replicated to all other servers. The modifications made in other replicas documents are lost.

IBM Source

Thanks to Gabor for the hint

Notes 7.0.3 – Problem With German Umlauts

I’ve recently downloaded “IBM Lotus Notes Client 7.0.3 for Windows 2000, XP and Vista German (C180SDE)” from passport advantage. After upgrading my 7.0.2 de client to the 7.0.3 the views in the IBM standard templates do no longer display multi value entries as expexted.

The problem is reproducable. With a little help from the Lotus Notes Community, it was found that this issue only occurs when you use Umlauts in your view columns.
It seems to be a regression bug described here.

To solve this issue, you can replace your umlauts with the corresponding ue, ae etc. or simply add


to the client’s notes.ini.

P.S. There already exists an SPR ( # JKEY79CGTE ). I hope it will be fixed in 7.0.4.