LCTY – Cologne

Had the chance to attend another LCTY in Cologne yesterday. The event was held by ebf, an IBM Premier Business Partner. It was free of charge and therefore,  to be honest, my expectations were not to high.

But I was positively surprised. All session had a high standard. Traveler, Sametime 8.5, Connections & Quickr, LotusLive. Except one session held by an ebf consultant and anther one by a RIM representative , all others were presented by IBM staff .

The content was a good addition to the previous LCTY in Düsseldorf where I was not able to attend sessions on this topics.

Once again, Ed Brill opened the event with an one hour keynote speech. He answered questions from the audience at the end of his speech.

After 7 sessions in 7 hours including short coffee breaks and a fantastic lunch, I spent another 2 hours in the car to get home thru heavy traffic.

Next Event: LCTY – Rheinland 25-Feb-2010

On Thursday, 25-Feb-2010, I will attend LCTY in the Swissotel in Neuss, Germany.

I expect one day full of information from this years Lotusphere. TimeToAct and Bit Bücker have invited well known speakers like Ed Brill, Daniel Nashed, “Lotus Legend” Stephan Wissel and others.

The demoes are presented by Mr. Ron Sebastian. Looking forward to attending the “DXL Roundtrip” session.

Although I have already planned the sessions to attend, I hope that the agenda will change. Not very clever to have Daniel Nashed and Stephan Wissel speaking at the same time.

If you not yet have registered for LCTY- Rheinland, you can do it here. See you there. If you spot me at the conference, say “Hi”. I won’t bite …