Undocumented NotesDatabase.Get / SetOptions

Today, I was looking for which value to use with the SetOption method of the Notesdatabase class, I discovered as few other undocumented values that can be used to get and set some database options programmatically using Lotus Script.

75 = Support Response Thread History
76 = Don’t allow simple search

And, finally for the new Option in Notes 8.0.2

85 = Disable Export Of View Data

There is also a value of 74, but I could not figure out, which option corresponds to this value.

Why Is the Last Line in the NOTES.INI Not Taking Effect?

Although all experienced Notes administrators and developers (might) know why, I would like to commemorate the anwer to the question.

Any parameter that is added as the last line in the NOTES.INI file requires that there be a hard carriage return (the ENTER key) after the last line to ensure that it will take effect.  Without a hard carriage return, the last line will not be recognized.

May this help a Notes newbee to save a few minutes time …

Export View Data (Update)

Last month I wrote about the new “Disable View Export” feature in Notes 8.0.2. In another post I stated that it is not possible to set this option programmatically using LotusScript.

Yesterday I stumbled upon an IBM Lotus Software Knowledgebase technote. This technote says that

Enabling or disabling of this option can also be done using an API call (setOption) or a  LotusScript (SetOption).

I cannot find anything about this in the designer help.  Has anybody any information about which (undocumented) “DBOPT_ …” constant to use with the notesDatabase.SetOption( optionName% , flag ) function?

UPDATE: 85 = Disable Export Of View Data
more undocumented stuff