DAOS – Catalog needs re-sync on Domino startup

Whenever I start my Domino after a clean shutdown, the DAOS catalog needs to be re-synced.

I see the following message on the server console :


The behaviour is reproducable. I have done a fresh installation of Domino 8.5 on Windows 2003 server and configured the server for the first start. After the server has started successfully, I opened the server document in names.nsf and configured DAOS and transactional logging. I saved my settings and restarted the server by typing “restart server” on the console. The server came up and created the transaction logs. Then I restarted the server once again and from now on the message appears at every server start.

This seems to be the same as described here. Just wonder, if there is already a fix available.

2 thoughts on “DAOS – Catalog needs re-sync on Domino startup

  1. Received a response from IBM support

    “We have found an SPR JPAI7QBUET that matches your issue.
    At the moment there are no plans to fix this issue for the 8.5 release,
    however there are plans to address this issue in a future release.
    A Customer Report has been created on your behalf against this SPR to add
    weight to these plans.”

  2. ahhh!! what a stupid response from IBM! So if you have already migrated all your DBs to DAOS and now it takes 30 hours to do the resynch, then you will need to rollback everything until these guys fixes it some day (if they do).

    It seems that they are not willing to pay too much attention to DAOS.

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