MWLUG2015 – Session Slides And Sample Application

MWLUG 2015 in Atlanta was a blast. Thanks to all, who have organized the event. Also a big thank you to all, who attended my session.

Here is the presentation and the sample database & XML data



2 thoughts on “MWLUG2015 – Session Slides And Sample Application

  1. It was a pleasure seeing you at MWLUG last week! Hopefully we’ll cross paths again, either at Lotusphere/IBMConnect or the next MWLUG. 🙂

  2. Thanks, Nicki. I doubt, that I will attend Connect(Ed)InterSphere 2016, but MWLUG is already on my list., August-ish. Only need to convince my boss, that I must go to Austin, TX … 😉

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