[IBM Traveler] – Error encountered while saving database configuration.

I ran into an issue when trying to add a new IBM Traveler server to an existing HA pool.

The pool already contains 1 IBM Traveler server, so there already is an existing DB2 database instance. ALso, I made sure that the new server can access the DB2 database.

To add a server to the pool, you have to prepare the existing LotusTraveler.nsf. This is done be executing the following command from inside the /local/notesdata/traveler/util/ directory in the shell or in an command prompt if you are on a Windows machine.

./travelerUtil db set url=jdbc:db2://server.example.tld:50000/TRAVELER user=db2user pw=db2password

The command will add a new view “(TravelerDb)” to the LotusTraveler.nsf and then creates a new document to store the credentials to access the Db2 database.

But the command did not ran es expected; it threw an NotesException:

Using JDBC jar: /opt/ibm/domino/notes/90010/linux/Traveler/lib/db2jcc4.jar [25990:00006-00007F47D0C01700] 06.12.2017 09:26:59 03:3E [25990:00006-00007F47D0C01700] 06.12.2017 09:26:59 03:3E Checking database connection to: jdbc:db2://castor.midpoints.net:50000/TRAVELER Connection successful. Error encountered while saving database configuration. NotesException: 0xFCC at lotus.domino.local.View.NcreateColumn(Native Method) at lotus.domino.local.View.createColumn(Unknown Source) at com.lotus.sync.util.ConfigurationBackendDomino.setPasswordFields(ConfigurationBackendDomino.java:1048) at com.lotus.sync.util.ConfigurationBackendDomino.setPW(ConfigurationBackendDomino.java:1132) at com.lotus.sync.util.OfflineUtilities.handleDB(OfflineUtilities.java:1487) at com.lotus.sync.util.OfflineUtilities.execute(OfflineUtilities.java:357) at com.lotus.sync.util.OfflineUtilities.main(OfflineUtilities.java:2677)

Apparently, it failed to create a column in the view. I opened the LotusTraveler in DDE and saw the following in the view section.

The view has been created, but not with the correct name and apparently 1 or more columns are missing. Good news. The document holding the credentials has been created.

I opened the LotusTraveler.nsf from my existing HA server. Here is what the view looks like in DDE

As a workaround, you can delete the (untitled) view and replace it with the (TravelerDb) view from your existing LotusTraveler.nsf

Then you can restart LotusTraveler and the server will be added to the existung pool.

I am not sure, if this is specific. Also I could not find anything about this error on the web. I will open a PMR with IBM.

3 thoughts on “[IBM Traveler] – Error encountered while saving database configuration.

  1. Weird that there is **NO** template in the Traveler data directory containing the form or view definition for TravelerDB form or view.

  2. LotusTraveler.ntf should be in /traveler/map.

    We have not changed the LotusTraveler nsf/ntf setup for passwords like this is a long time and certainly not in a recent fixpack (thus, this is not unique to

    The view has been created and the form set for it. Then, we start adding the columns and the first one is the one that fails:
    view.createColumn(view.getColumnCount() + 1, “UNID”, “@Text(@DocumentUniqueID)”);

    Opening the PMR is the best way to get additional information although hopefully some of this detail answers what is going on.

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