MiniSAP and Lotus Notes Access for SAP

To play with the new Lotus Notes Access for SAP you do not need a fully installed SAP system. In some books from SAP Press there is a MiniSAP system on the CDs coming with the books.

I found a great tutorial on how to setup the MiniSAP system. And in the tutorial you can find a hint on how to “pimp” your SAP. I do not like the default picture or even the IDES image. I prefer this one 🙂


According to Rocky Oliver, a german version of Lotus Notes Access for SAP will be available in a couple of weeks …

Security certificate expiration messages

Found this in my inbox earlier this morning:

The certificate for some Java applets in IBM Lotus® Domino 6.x and Domino 7.0.x expired on 18 May 2006. Starting on May 19, 2006, Web users may see a message stating that the certificate has expired, when Domino applets are loaded by the JVM or JRE in a Web browser. Please consult the following technote for more details:

Title: Security certificate expiration messages generated from Domino applets

Lotus Notes Access for SAP

Browsing the Lotus Notes KnowledgeBase, I found loads of entries regarding the Lotus Notes Access for SAP. And I’m asking myself “IBM, why such a quickshot ? ”

There was no need to publish the software in this early state … afraid of Microsoft announcing “duet” ??

Pls. IBM do me and all of us in the Lotus Notes community a favor and give Rocky Oliver ( and his team ? ) the time to design some rock solid code ( I know, he can 🙂 )

BlackBerry Enterprise Server for IBM Lotus Domino Quick Start Edition Offer

Research In Motion® (RIM®) is extending a special, limited-time offer to qualified organizations to mobilize IBM® Lotus® Domino®.

The BlackBerry Enterprise Server for IBM Lotus Domino Quick Start Edition Offer includes the following:

* One no charge, full version download of BlackBerry Enterprise Serverâ?¢ v4.1 for IBM Lotus Domino
* Ten free Client Access Licenses (CALs) to apply to the BlackBerry Enterprise Server
* Two free months of Technical Support Services (where available)
* The opportunity to purchase up to an additional five CALs towards the product’s fifteen-CAL limit
* The opportunity to purchase the Upgrade, which adds five additional CALs and removes the fifteen-CAL limit

[ via Ed Brill ] [ direct link to offer ]

Project Wanda = Lotus Notes Nomad

I received an email from Julian Robichaux and Bruce Elgort this afternoon:

Not sure what/who the information source was, but the quote below came from the TLCC Newsletter that was in my e-mail inbox this morning:

7. Notes 7.0.2 will have a “memory stick” option

Version 7.0.2 of Notes (due out in September) will have an option to allow installation of the Notes client on a memory stick. This will allow you to carry around the Notes client and your databases with you and simply plug the stick into any computer and have your Notes client up and running. The Notes client software is all installed on the memory stick so no software is required on the computer’s hard drive. At the moment, support is only planned for the Notes client, not the Designer or Administrator clients. This new feature is called Lotus Notes Nomad.

Insert a RichTextItem into another RichTextItem

As I posted before, IBM does not provide us with a method to insert content from one RichTextItem to another RichTextItem. I’m not talking about AppendRTItem … And it seems that nobody in the Notes Community has a solution for this.

Oh, yes, Ben Langhinrichs has a solution. But I’m not talking ’bout MIDAS. I did some research today and I think that it could be done using native Notes. Keywords are: DXLExporter, DXLImporter, Stream, string operations.

Using native Notes capabilities, I am able to replace a “TAG” with content of the according RTItem from another document.

… To be continued 🙂

For german native speakers, there is a posting on for this topic

RANT: How to solve an SPR – the IBM way

Have you ever tried to INSERT a RichTextItem into an existing RichTextItem instead of appending it ?
Let’s see how we could accomplish this. Actually there is no explicit method in the NotesRichText class to insert an item, but let’s see what the AppendRTItem method could do for us.

Oh, YES, here it is … right from the designer help ( version 6.5.1 ):

By default the insertion occurs at the end of the item. You can change the insertion point with BeginInsert and EndInsert.

This is easy, here is the code

Dim ses As New notessession
Dim db As NotesDatabase
Dim col As notesdocumentcollection
Dim doc As  NotesDocument
Dim rtitem2 As NotesRichTextItem
Dim rtitem1 As NotesRichTextItem
Dim rtnav As NotesRichTextNavigator

Set db=ses.CurrentDatabase
Set col=db.unprocesseddocuments
Set doc=col.GetFirstDocument

Set rtitem1 = doc.getfirstitem("Body")
Set rtitem2 = doc.getfirstitem("RTF")

Set rtnav = rtitem.CreateNavigator
Call rtnav.FindNthElement(RTELEM_TYPE_TEXTPARAGRAPH,1)

Call rtitem1.BeginInsert(rtnav)
Call rtitem1.addnewline(1)
Call rtitem1.AppendRTItem(rtitem2)
Call rtitem1.EndInsert
Call, True)

But what is this ? When you execute the code you’ll get an error message: “Method is not available.”

Hmm, do a search on the Lotus Notes KnowledgeBase and you’ll find this entry. And you can see in the document that there is an SPR# LGAA5N6FHT. But , huuuh, what is that ?

and was determined not to be a software problem. Notes and Domino are functioning as designed.

Does the documentation does not implies that it IS possible ? OK, it takes some time to code a new function and do all the quality stuff ( the KB document ist from the year 2004 as well as the mentioned SPR ) . Maybe they built it into the Notes 7 codestream.

But, NO WAY !!! Instead of having it got to work they just changed the designer help.

The insertion occurs at the end of the item. AppendRTItem cannot be called after BeginInsert.

IBM. please don’t tell me that ist is not possible to build this function !!! You’ve had 2 years. Instead of NEW classes and methods and stuff you should rather finish the coding of already intended methods in existing classes.

If you are not able to do the coding, please ask Ben Langhinrichs. He is able to solve the problem. And inserting RTItems the same way as inserting pure text after BeginInsert is a function that is needed, indeed.

I’ll hope tha some of the new guys at IBM will listen to the customers needs.

Create PDF documents from Lotus Notes with iText

iText is a library that allows you to generate PDF files on the fly.

The iText classes are very useful for people who need to generate read-only, platform independent documents containing text, lists, tables and images. The library is especially useful in combination with Java(TM) technology-based Servlets: The look and feel of HTML is browser dependent; with iText and PDF you can control exactly how your servlet’s output will look.

iText requires JDK 1.4. It’s available for free under a multiple license: MPL and LGPL.

[ via SearchDomino ]

Code Disaster

Bad code ? What do you think ? …

on error goto there
.' some code

End If
 End If
. ' more Code, no exit function so far

 If Err > 0 Then
  Call l.LogAction("Error in some sub " & Cstr(Err) & " " & Error$ )
  Resume outa_here
 End If

End Function

another example

 ads = doc.size
 If ads = "" Then ads = "0"
 If Ccur(ads/1024)  > Ccur(mailsize) Then

This is not Scary Movie #n but the Real Life …


Domingo is a simple, consistent, object-oriented easy-to-use interface to the Lotus Notes/Domino Java-API.

f you are a Lotus-Script developer and currently learning Java, with domingo you can access Lotus Notes/Domino as easy as with Lotus-Script. Here are some other important reasons:

* No recycling of notes objects needed at all.
* You donot have to recycle any notes objects!
* Just one more time: recycling of all notes objects is completely handled by domingo!
* exception handling is almost not necessary, but optionally possible
* domingo comes with JavaDoc that can be used in-place in your favorite development environment
* Easy access to the Notes client in Java from outside of the Notes client.
* Stable access to Lotus Domino from a J2EE Web-Application server

public class AgentContext extends DAgentBase {
public void main() {
DDocument doc = getDSession().getAgentContext().getDocumentContext();
// do something with the document;

[ via ]

Import Utility for Lotus Notes/Domino

This is a BETA version of the Lotus Notes / Domino Import Utility developed by AGE Computer Consultancy.

  • Specify import field mapping.
  • You can preview data from the import file with the specified field mapping to ensure data will be imported into the correct fields.
  • Options are available for the handling of imported duplicate records.
  • You can create your own customized scripts to be executed before, during and / or after importing.
  • ComputeWithForm can be called after each record is imported if required.
Import Utility for Lotus Notes/Domino

Schuld und Sühne

Da wird der sogenannte “Ehrenmord” mit einem dem Tatbestand nicht angemessenem Urteil gesühnt, wir sind aber aufgrund unserer verquerten Gesetze nicht in der Lage, integrationsunwillige Personen ohne grosse Umstände auÃ?er Landes zu schaffen.

Warum lassen wir es zu, daÃ? unsere Werte dermaÃ?en mit FüÃ?en getreten werden ? Haben wir keine Ehre ??