Error Updating Ytria Tools

I’ve tried to update my set of Ytria tools today and encountered an error :

YTRIA Update

To avoid this error, comment out AddInMenus= in your Notes.ini and restart your client before starting the update process. This will prevent Notes from loading scanezmulti.dll and the update will proceed without errors.

Ytria Update Notes.ini

After the update change your Notes.ini to the previous settings.

Update: Ryan Hum from Ytria wrote

Hi Ulrich,

… you can simply close your Notes client (even while the Ytria Update is running), and this will ensure that any Ytria .dll files are not loaded by the Notes client. This way you do not need to change your environment (notes.ini) at all.

Best Regards,


Idea Jam for the IBM Lotus Community to launch in November

Idea Jam Idea Jam is a site where users of IBMâ??s Lotus software products can exchange ideas on how to improve Lotus products. Others can help promote and/or demote ideas, as well as, providing feedback through comments. Popular ideas will rise
to the top. The Idea Jam, unlike blogs and discussion forums, allows a single place for the Lotus community to share and promote ideas and suggestions on how to improve IBM Lotus software.

Ideas are grouped into â??idea spacesâ? â?? which currently include IBMâ??s Lotus Connections, Lotus Notes and Domino, Lotus Quickr, Lotus Sametime, Lotus Symphony and Websphere Portal. Additional idea spaces for OpenNTF and Idea Jam itself will also be available.

Idea Jam includes many features that make the site easy and fun to use:

  • Tags â?? All ideas can be â??taggedâ? with one or more tags. Users can then use tag clouds to see which tags are
  • RSS â?? Idea Jam provides RSS feeds for idea spaces, a specific idea, a user or for any given tag.
  • User Profiles â?? Users can view their ideas, their comments, and the ideas they voted on.
  • Views â?? Ideas can be viewed by popularity, recent ideas, most comments, recent comments or others. Each
    view also has an associated RSS feed.
  • Unvoted â?? Users can easily review ideas that they have not voted on.
  • Random â?? Users can be presented with a random idea to promote or demote.

Elguji Ideas and the Idea Jam were developed by Elguji Software in conjunction with Matt White of Fynn Consulting Ltd., London (, and Sean Burgess of Laurel, Maryland ( Elguji Ideas and Idea Jam software were built with IBM Lotus Domino Designer, The MooTools Javascript framework, the Yahoo User Interface Libraries, Genii Softwareâ??s CoexEdit and run on IBM Lotus Domino 8.0.

Notes.ini Preferences Plug-In For Lotus Notes 8

Notes.ini preferences plug-in (sreenshot) is the Eclipse 3.2 compatible plug-in integrated into Lotus Notes 8 client’s File/Preferences area, which allows you perform such tasks as:

– view all settings of your local Lotus Notes 8 client’s notes.ini file in sorted way
– quick lookup of each setting via the type ahead control
– add/edit/remove any setting
– request each setting description from configured description repositories via WebServices (one of such WebServices enabled repositories is provided by company called Kalechi Design, USA, which hosts Notes.ini database prepared by Rudi Knegt from RKJ-Soft)

[via Infosana]

No Information About Free Time

No Information About Free Time When planning a meeting, some users do not see any information about free time of some of the invited persons. When you right click on the planner, you can open the calender. When you click left, a “You are not authorized … ” error message occurs in the client’s statusbar.
Access to free time information is set company wide by policy to be visible to all people.

I found out that in all cases where this issue occurs, the “AllowList” field in the persons entry in clubusy.nsf was not empty, although it should be empty

Field Allow List

It seems that the field value is not properly deleted or updated when either the adminp tries to install the new mail policy or the user edited the calendar profile document.
When you delete the entries from the field, information about free time is provided.
So far, so good. After the server has updated the clubusy.nsf the error occurs again.
Then I looked closer at the calendar profile and found an entry in the “AllowBusyAccess” field.


Deleting the entry in this field and running a “tell sched validate username” after deleting the user document in the clubusy.nsf finally solved the problem.

Update: Now SPR “MFUN77EK4R”

Document Conflict Resolver

Andre Guirard published an end-user tool that includes a toolbar button you can click while you have a replication conflict document open or highlighted (or the main document), and it will open the replication conflict and main document side by side to compare them visually. There’s also a list of the field differences and a marked-up version of any rich text showing what has changed.

Document Conflict Resolver


OpenNTF Advisory Board

OpenNTF will be establishing an Advisory Board to help take the site and the Lotus Community it serves to the next level. I am happy to inform you that nominations to fill nine council posistions are now being accepted and will be open through Friday, September 21, 2007. In order to fill out the nomination form you will need have your OpenNTF username and password. If you do not have a username and password you can get one here.

OpenNTF Advisory Council - Nominations now open

Bundestrojaner – Sehr geehrter Herr Schäuble

BundestrojanerMit grossem Interesse verfolge ich die momentanen Aktionen der Bundesregierung zur Bekämpfung des (inter)nationalen Terrorismus.

Da auch ich die Aktionen der Terroristen nicht gut finde, biete ich an, Ihnen bei der Bekämpfung der Bösewichte behilflich zu sein.

Ich habe daher auf meinem Rechner vorsorglich schon einmal ein Verzeichnis angelegt ( c:\BundesTrojaner ). Hier können Sie bei Bedarf die von Ihnen entwickelte Software installieren. Gleichzeitig habe ich auf meiner Firewall den Port 66666 geöffnet. Dann muss Ihr Techniker nicht so lange suchen **smilie**, **smilie**

Bitte sehen Sie davon ab, den Trojaner in einem anderen Verzeichnis zu installieren, da sich auf dem Rechner auch persönliche Daten befinden und ich nicht möchte, daÃ? Sie oder Ihre Gehilfen diese lesen. Es wäre Ihnen doch auch peinlich, wenn Sie Bilder von Ihrer Frau im Internet finden würden, die im privaten Umfeld aufgenommen wurden, oder ?

Viel Erfolg bei Ihrer Aktion. Und danke, daÃ? Sie durch Presse, Funk und Fernsehen die Nation von Ihrer Vorgehensweise in Kenntnis gesetzt haben. Das stärkt das Vertrauen in unsere Behörden und die Politiker ungemein. …